Grade 4s Are Keen About Green

The Educational Partnership Foundation Funds Keen About Green,                         a Recycling Program for Heritage Heights School.
The grade 4s at Heritage Heights School are Keen About Green! As environmental stewards concerned about our earth and keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, the students have taken the initiative to go forth and implement a school-wide recycling program. To further support their initiative, Miss Charlotte Willy, a University of Lethbridge intern in Grade 4 at Heritage Heights School, applied for funding from The Educational Partnership Foundation. Miss Willy was thrilled when TEPF awarded the grade 4 classes the Citizens in Action grant of $500. This money will go towards purchasing new recycling bins for the school, as well as fund a field trip for the Grade 4s to go to the Shepard Landfill and Materials Recovery Facility where they will be able to see first-hand where recycling and garbage go. The grade 4 students will then be able to educate the rest of their school about what happens to our waste and recycling and what we can do as a community to reduce, reuse and recycle.

While this all started in the Grade 4 classrooms during their Waste in Our World Science unit, it has ultimately become a school-wide leadership project. Students throughout every grade level have become active participants in this recycling program. Their hope is to spread the Keen About Green spirit, not just at school, but throughout the community as well.

The TEPF will present the big cheque to Miss Willy and all the Grade 4s at Heritage Heights School on December 7th. They are so excited to be receiving this grant and are looking forward to the presentation.  Seeing all their hard work come to fruition will be tangible evidence of their learning and we couldn’t be happier for Miss Willy and her team!