Shift to Online

Photo via PixabayPhoto via Pixabay

Earlier this week the Government of Alberta has closed in person learning to all students as of Friday, May 7.  This means that there is no classes or buses running this Friday.  Friday becomes a organizational day for our elementary teachers to prepare for online learning starting on Monday, May 10th.  Learning plans will be emailed out Friday afternoon.  Since grade 7-9 have already shifted online, regular classes will continue tomorrow for them.  

We understand and appreciate the challenges online learning poses for you and your children, and will do our best to accommodate.  Please understand that online learning should NOT be treated as optional.  We ask that all students and families coordinate schedules to ensure learning continues even if you are unable to attend regular virtual meetings.  To support difficult schedules, we do have Chromebooks available to sign out to students and if you are unable to notify your teacher prior to the end of day today, you may contact the office starting tomorrow to book a time to pick one up.  

Thank-you for your understanding as we strive to keep kids learning in the right direction no matter what happens.