Student Chromebook Purchase Plan

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Dear Parents,

We are pleased to offer Acer Chromebooks for students to purchase through Foothills School Division. Current pricing on a student Chromebook would be $271. Devices ordered now can be configured and delivered to the schools by June.

The Chromebook will come with a 3-year warranty and our division would manage these devices remotely. This would ensure students could log into the network seamlessly and write exams on their own device. FSD support would continue for as long as they use the device in the division, although accidental damage and devices no longer receiving updates from Google will not be supported. These devices can typically receive Google updates for 5 years. When a student leaves the division, the device is theirs to keep and FSD will no longer manage or support the device. Students will be responsible for cleaning and proper care of their device, including bringing it to school charged each day.

If you are interested in purchasing a student Chromebook through Foothills School Division, please submit your request through the following form. We will order a device for you and when they arrive, a charge will be added to your student account bill. Once the charge is paid, we will provide you with a device.

Click Here to Place your Order by Monday, May 10th

Please note, we have received requests for students in other grades to purchase.  While recommended in grades 6-9, any student able to login using their credentials can also purchase for home and school use. 

Model information ACER C733-C5AS-US N4020 1.10GHz 4GB 32GB 11.6IN CHROME OS 3YR standard warranty

Link to ACER Specs