School Council

The Heritage Heights Parent Association (HHPA) is a registered society that provides support to the Heritage Heights SChool Community through fundraising and volunteer activities. The Parent Association is composed of all parents or guardians of Heritage Heights students.  All members in attendance at a meeting may vote on issues before the Association.

The Parent Association raises funds for the school through hot lunches, casinos and specific fundraising compaigns each year. Over the past year, this fundraising has funded initiatives such as addition of a bike rack, year-end activities, teacher appreciation nights, and various material school rescources for the students.

Throughout the year, the Parent Association oversees the planning and operation of activities such as the Hot Lunch Program and Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Our Association is only as strong as our volunteer base.  Heritage Heights Parent Association relies on the involvement of parents within our School community to successfully organize fundraising events and offer support to our school staff.

If you are interested in volunteering for any activites through the Parent Association, please email