Heritage Heights is a proud member of the Foothills Athletic Council. Our students are encouraged to support their school and athletic programs in the following sports: Cross Country Running, Volleyball, Flag Football, Basketball, Badminton and Track & Field.

We currently run grade 6 Flag Football and a developmental volleyball program called Tripleball. For our Junior High Athletes, we run Junior (grades 7/8) and Senior (8/9) teams that compete in the FAC  and tournament play.

 FLAG FOOTBALL (grades 6-8)  –  Flag football runs from the first week of school through the second week of October. Boys and girls participate on the team, and grade 6, 7 and 8 students are welcome to play! Students learn basic throwing, catching, handoff and defensive skills, and in addition to our regular season and playoffs, we finish the season with a trip to McMahon Stadium in Calgary for a tournament.   We field two teams, one grade 6 team and one grade7/8 team.

CROSS COUNTRY (grades 1-9)  –  Cross Country runs parallel to the flag football season (upper school students are encouraged to participate in both).

VOLLEYBALL (grades 7-9)  –   Volleyball season takes up most of October and November. We try to run 4 teams (numbers dictate this), a junior boys and girls team (grades 7/8), as well as a Sr. boys and girls team (grades 8/9). Our senior teams practice and play 3-4 times a week plus tournament play throughout October/November. This year, we are also running a grade 6-8 modified volleyball team known as Tripleball. This is a developmental league for some of our up and coming players.

BASKETBALL (grades 7-9)  –  Basketball runs from December through the first week of March, and teams are aligned in the same way as the volleyball teams. Junior high athletes should be prepared to practice or play 3-4 days per week.

BADMINTON (grades 7-8)  –  The badminton season runs from the beginning of March through the third week of April. Students practice twice per week, and compete in singles and doubles play, culminating in the FAC championship tournament, where top competitors have the opportunity to move on to higher play.

TRACK AND FIELD (grades 6-9)  –  Track runs through the month of May, and offers students the opportunity to train in sprints, long distance running events, throwing events and jumping events. The season culminates with the FAC track meet, where top competitors move on to higher competition.